Future-Proofing Content:How Context Can Prevent a Complex Digital Dark Age

We live in a world of untethered content.

The rise of the information age has brought with it unintended consequences that we are only now beginning to understand. Our content is increasingly detached from context. Negligence, information overload, technology fads, negative organizational culture, and Big Data all strip away context and diminish the value of our content.

Even as our content loses value, its acquisition is a pastime for insatiable entertainment seekers, digital hoarders, Big Data, and malicious hackers alike. At each turn, content becomes increasingly distant from the context intended by its original creators.

Future-Proofing Content isn’t about falling skies and Earth-wide apocalypses; it’s about saving context and, in turn, saving workers from the pain of reconstructing lost wisdom, building sustainable models for business, and preventing pockets of society from becoming irreversibly alienated.

This is an appeal to professional communicators from every industry to look inward so they can make more meaningful, honest, and effective connections with the people in their audiences.